this could be for us but you playin


celebratory clinic run

I wish I never wasted all that fucking time on you. s.a. (via gnarlywals)
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A skeleton of a mother, and her baby, who both died during her pregnancy.

this is so fucking cool

how on earth is this cool this is literally the remains of a mother and a child she never even got to see. have some respect smh

its cool because its an intact skeleton within an intact skeleton. sad sure, but still cool, get off the pedestal. 

You can appreciate the science while still feeling empathy for the person. That’s the entire point of archaeology.

Source: I’m a goddamn archaeologist.


rainy weather and thunder doesn’t make me gloomy at all it’s more like, fuck yeah this is my kingdom of darkness and i’m the queen

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I’m just tryna earn a little heart emoji next to my name in ya phone shawty
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